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Introduction to FX

Trend Identification

Introduction To Stop Loss Hunting

Basic Forex


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Fundamentals of Price Action

Risk & Money Management

8 Strategies

Basic Cryptocurrency

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Fundamentals of Blockchain

Introduction To Liquidation Hunting

Portfolio Allocation 

Personal Coaching

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In depth Coaching on 8 Strategies

Build Own Trading Model

Everything from Free, Basic

Personalized Coaching 1-1

We Personalized our coaching based on YOUR Level

It doesn’t matter where are you in your trading journey, we make sure your learning journey with us will be smooth and the best you have ever.

Each person has their own style of trading, we use that to make sure you have the full learning experience

We have multiple strategies to teach for different kinds of trader, those who want conservative way of trading, high risk , each of them have their own strategies to execute in the market 

Learn the proper way of managing your capital. Apply this knowledge with Small & Large Capital size account. it works both ways

We Teach student for all types of trading. Day, Swing, Position, Long term Trading


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